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Ben Wa Balls - How To Use Ben Wa Balls And Their Benefits

Ben Wa Balls, or Ben Wah Balls have been around since about 500 A.D, used in the orient. They are also known as Love Balls and Pleasure Balls. Ben Wa Balls were originally meant to provide the man with extra pleasure during intercourse but then it was apparent that Ben Wa Balls had a positive effect on the woman. The feeling of the balls floating freely in the vagina and constantly massaging the vaginal walls caused intense sexual arousal.

Thanks to modern knowledge, it is know known that Ben Wa Balls are excellent at strengthening the pubococcygeus (PC) Muscles, also called Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are recommended for women who recently had childbirth to restore the vaginal muscle tone and to help strengthen a weak bladder. It has been proven that the strength of the PC muscles was directly related to the intensity of an orgasm. Kegel exercises - wearing Ben Wa Balls for a few hours every day, strengthens the vaginal sphcinter and many men and women report intense sensations while the woman squeezes her vaginal muscules tighly around her partners penis.

Ben Wa Balls are the best and easiest way to excersize the PC mucles because the vagina is forced to flex in order to hold the balls inside. Additionally, when the muscles are flexed, it rushes blood to that area, that indicates sexual arousal. Most women are aroused constantly while wearing Ben Wa Balls.

The most popular and modern version of the traditional Ben Wa Balls is the Duotone Balls. They have a small ball that jiggles independantly inside a larger ball, a feeling that you will certainly notice! You will have constant sexual arousal while you are wearing them. Some balls may vibrate, the newsest and popular vibrating love balls are called SmartBalls. Smartballs are connected together and have a retreival cord for those who are afraid of 'losing' the balls inside the vagina. Smartballs have been receiving great reviews and are highly recommended. Smartballs are available for viewing and for sale at on the second page of the Pleasure Balls Section.

Instructions on how to use Ben Wa Balls:

-Purchase plastic balls or larger duotone balls if you are a first timer, the metal balls tend to fall out if your PC muscles are not strong.

- Empty your bladder first, it will make it easier to hold the balls in.

- Insert one ball at a time, this is easier done if one leg is lifted up. Squeeze the PC muscles and hold the balls in. You will notice a feeling of fullness and notice the balls pushing down, but after a while you will be used to it, sort of like wearing a tampon.

- Wear them for a few hours every day.

- To remove the balls, you can lift up one leg and cough, or jump up and down. There is no way that the balls will 'dissapear' into your body.

Ben Wa Ball Beginner Tips:

- When you first wear Ben Wa Balls, stay home and do not do any heavy physical activity, the balls will fall out. If they do, wash them off with soap and water and put it back in. It is also not recommened to go out and do any chores while you are getting used to the Ben Wa Balls, that would be embarrasing to sneeze in the supermarket and have a ball fall down your pant leg! It will take a few weeks of regualr wearing before your muscles will be able to hold them in through phisical activity. Be patient!

- Once you have no problem holding in the duotone balls, you can upgrade to metal balls and enjoy the benefits of strong PC muscles, it will pay off escpecially when you are older and if you give birth!

- You can wear Ben Wa Balls during sexual intercourse, this will add more fullness to your vagina and stimulate the penis as well. Using them during sex is also a good way to create more natural vaginal lubrication.

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If you have any more questions about Ben Wa Balls or their use please do not hesitate to email us at: We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Danielle Green is the owner of The Adult Toy Shoppe, an online adult toy and novelty store with a mission: "To make life more enjoyable through exploration of sexuality and relationship enrichment." The Adult Toy Shoppe has superior customer service and provdies a discreet and secure shopping experience for women, men and couples in the USA.


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